Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pray :)

Hallo people :p How are you guys? Awwhh i miss blogginggg yaww :') Its been like long time already i didnt blogging , HAHA! and now i'm back ;) Hehe , JUSTIN BIEBER COME TO MALAYSIA ON APRIL 2011 mannnnn! Goshhh , but it is at KL . Hmm i hope my parents will let me go there . I already asked my mother and she said "Go ask your father" but i'm scared. Errr. I got problem about the date , because it is on APRIL. Its not school holidayyyyyy! Fffffff! But me and zureen already confirm that we're going to that concert nomatter what happend. HEHE! Zureen said that her father will buy us the aeroplane ticket and the concert tickett. Yahooooooo! I like itttt , i hope the concert day is on saturdayy or friday nightt. So i think thats all for now ;)

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